How to discover new music by 10 Ways and 8 different tools to expand music playlist

How to discover new music? Have you ever get stuck in a musical rut? I found some ways that truly help me to discover new music and know various artists from Pop to Soundtrack. Let us start a great musical journey!

How to discover new music by 10 Ways & 8 different tools to expand music playlist
How to discover new music by 10 Ways and 8 different tools to expand music playlist

Have you ever get stuck in a musical rut?

I was born in the 1990s, I like music in the 80s to 90s generation. Sometimes, I didn’t satisfy new music in this era. I always listen to my favourite playlist repeated. However, as a music digger couldn’t stay in my comfort zone for my entire life(why not!). I used to listen to pop music, British rock, and indie flok. Now, I listen to different genres as possible as I can cuz I believe there are still new artists are waiting for us to dig into the music world. Here are some ways I’m frequently used to expand my playlist.

Before we started, I would like to claim that there is no right or wrong reason to discover new music. I sometimes enjoy staying in my comfort zones such as the film soundtrack genre and city-pop. At sometimes, I would like to discover different music to fulfil my mood at that moment. So let’s start our musical journey.

How to discover new music

1. Streaming Service

discover new music by streaming service
discover new music by streaming service

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon

You got it! This is the most common way to listen to different music by using technology in this digital age. It’s the best place to find new music via the algorithm. It might sound weird but we should thank for them bringing music that is far away on the other side of the world into our life.

Most music streaming platforms have been provided similar services that attract users to stick on their APP. You might be an Apple Music user, a Spotify user. I use Spotify premium and I’ve used it for 8 years (since I was in college!). Spotify helps me to develop my music tastes and marketing knowledge of the music industry.

Spotify’s playlist plays an important role in its services. Record labels create playlists that included their signed artists, which can increase the exposure of music and artists as wider as possible. So that I’ve created several playlists to exchange new songs with my classmates or my subscribers, which can technically train my playlist to recommend music that is my taste. Meanwhile, increasing the exposure of my favourite artist and songs.

There are key features that can expand your music genre I really recommend you use Spotify.

  • Feature 1: Genre Playlist
    It focus on a specific genre or mood such as “classic” and “happy folk”. This helps users to quickly search genre, also it provides users various genre that they have not seen it before, for instance, “retro pop”. Which let users to explore new area. For example, I found the City-Pop genre that was popular in the 1980s in Japan in the “Chill” playlist. I realise a lot of pioneers who become the super star in late genreation such as Sakamoto Ryūichi and Harry Hosono. AOR (Adult Oriented Rock) genre, it’s also found in the “Chill” playlist. It is such a historical music journy. You might wondering how would I recognize music which is “city pop” or “AOR” music. There is no secret in here. I really recommend dig into the song that attract you. It may be music producer, composer, song writers, record studio etc. Don’t miss any clue to find the music.
  • Feature 2: Discover Weekly
    Spotify’s algorithm tracks your play history to recommend music or artists that you might interested. When you listen to this playlist, you would find a tnues of fun. Meanwhile, you would know some artists who you might heard but you finally know her or his name while you listen their songs.
  • Feature 3: Daily Mix
    This alogrithm bases on all of your favourite music (frequent play)that collect them into a playlist by similar genre. For example, I’m usually listen to Radiohead once a week and play them whole day, so the alogrithm know “this user really likes Radiohead!”. Therefore, the playlist is assemble bands that simliar with Radiohead. Then you would not be tired to the same artist also can listen to others.

SoundCloud, Bandcamp

This place is like a treasure box! Most independent musicians upload their works here. Audiences are free to listen to their music online or they can buy tracks to download it. There are several artists who were discovered by independent music streaming websites, for example, Adele, Billie Eilish, James Bay etc. Don’t miss these places!

2. Radio Station or Podcast

discover music by radio and podcast
discover music by radio and podcast

BBC Radio

It’s definitely a good resource to receive new music without the algorithm also it’s more humane while someone understands your taste on the other side of the radio. Sometimes, we might not focus on the song are playing, but let it be like background music among the space.

There is a lot of online radio that focus on music only. For example, BBC Radio 1 for all age groups and they mainly play pop music with all things chart. BBC Radio 2 is more for adults and the music genre tends to be wider and various. BBC Radio 6 focuses on all of the music from alternative music, classical music to pop music. This radio is also on my top choice in the radio list. I assure you will explore tons of new artists.

Here is some URL for online stream radio



The podcast is suitable that you have already known a specific music genre, for example, Chill music is one of my favourite genres when I concentrate on writing then I’ll play “qiubo radio”. The podcast is hosted by two big Taiwanese boys. Both of them work as DJ in general life. The topics are about our daily life and everything in the music industry.

qiubo radio

3. Local Events, Live Shows, Music Festival

discover new music by live events
discover new music by live events

It’s been a long time that we couldn’t go to the concert due to the pandemic. If everything is going well, we should definitely go to live shows as many as we can!

How do we discover from live events?

Review event brochure and flyer would be the first step to help us to find new musicians. It reveals what is primary music genre is, what musicians are popular in the current period, what music genre is promoted well in the venue, and the last one. You could see a certain genre that was presented by various artists. You will find who is suitable for your tea. I use this way to get into some genres that I have never tried and also discover some amazing artists. It’s worths giving it a try!

4. Shazam

discover new music by shazam
discover new music by shazam

Shazam Do you have experience of a piece of rhythm that you really get into but you have no idea who sings the music. Shazam helps you to detect any music from which band and artists. When you go shopping and heard the background music. You could use this APP to detect what music. This APP owns a huge of data including artist information, years, publishing dates etc. When you heard a sound, don’t hesitate to use it!

5. Music Review Sites/Blog Posts

discover new music by music review
discover new music by music review

Music review website is the best music resource that provides music business, the latest release, live reviews, album reviews. My favourite one is The Guardian Music. The layout of the website provides everything you want to know in the music industry. You would not miss anything.

To be honest, if you have already know what is your tastes, music review websites might not truly help you. Music blogs might give you some directions to discover different artists that performed in the same genre.

6. Social Media

discover new music by social media
discover new music by social media

Story is a common feature on Facebook or Instagram. Now we can listen to the music that our friends shared anytime, anywhere. It’s an easy way to see what music genre that your friends love also it helps you to find new artists, new music. At the end of the year, Spotify releases a lot of statistics about what music do you play many times, your music genre rank, and your favourite song. It provides you to share your Story so that it’s potentially public what your music tastes.

When I see a playlist from my friends, the first thing is to review the artist and add it to my Spotify then the music catalogue will be wider and vary.

7. Record Labels

discover new music by record labels
discover new music by record labels

Yes, this way can find artists who have just signed by the label. It narrows specific music genres, which helps us to listen to different styles of a similar genre.

8. Physical Record Shop

discover new music by physical record shop
discover new music by physical record shop

Although record stores have gradually decreased year on year, some record shops that run for many years still manage well and even transferred the business to the online shop. No matter which type, you can grab a lot of music information such as music rank, the latest release, staff recommendation, live events and so on.

Record Store Day (RSD) is an annual event that was launched by Chris Brown who worked in an American independent record store in 2007. It holds on the third Saturday every April to celebrate independent record stores. This is a big day for fans, musicians and many record stores so that you definitely need to visit record stores on this day. You will discover new music that you never know.

These two record stores are frequent to visit, might help you get some ideas.

  1. Manchester – Piccadilly Records
  2. Liverpool – Dig Vinyl

9. Soundtracks

discover new music by soundtrack
discover new music by soundtrack

How can we get ideas about new music in the soundtrack genre? When I watch films, I pay attention to the soundtrack that is played during the film. Especially, some music creates a hook to connect with audiences emotions, which is a good notice about the new music. Then, I will use Shazam or the film soundtrack website to find out what is the music in that scenes. It might help you to explore new music and new try.

There are two types of the soundtrack in drama. Also as known as an original soundtrack (OST). One is music without vocals which is the score, the other is pre-existing songs that are played in the drama. I personally recommend a film soundtrack, “Green Book”, the songs are arranged really well in its soundtrack album.

10. Share Playlist with Friends

discover new music by share playlist with friends
discover new music by share playlist with friends

A-ha! This is the easiest way to find new music. It does not only strengthen friends bonds but also save time to discover new music by ourselves. In the meantime, friends help us to filter some music that doesn’t meet our needs.

Find New Music Tools

discover new music by find new music tools
discover new music by find new music tools

From item 1. to item 6. provide a big database for music fans to explore different artists and genres. Discogs is for vinyl fans to buy and sell second-hand physical records. Using this website potentially provides ideas to discover new music.

Item 7. and item 8. is really helpful to search the music that played in the drama. Sometimes it is a surprise when you find out about the artist!

  1. music map
  2. gnoosic
  3. musicroamer
  5. MagicPlaylist
  6. discogs
  7. whatsongs for soundtrack
  8. tunefind for TV soundtrack

To sum up, these ways truly help me to find music as wider as possible and find a new music continent that I have never known. Hope these tips can help you to jump out of your comfort zone. I was a Pop lover and now I am a soundtrack lover. From this music adventure, I also gradually develop knowledge of hip-pop and jazz music and know its philosophy. Hope you have a good music journey.

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